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The Great Upshift – International Event

    The Great Upshift - Book Launch

    JOIN Anna Bacchia among 35 World-Leading Innovators
    such as Ervin Laszlo, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Jude Currivan, David Lorimer  
    for this stellar Event 

    For the new Book by Ervin Laszlo: ‘the Great Upshift’, Anna Bacchia has been invited to write a keynote on Intuition.
    She will be among the featured speakers of the Book Launch Event, which will take place on December 29 – 30, 17:00 – 21:30 CET (Zürich, Rome, Paris).

    Anna Bacchia will present:
    INTUITION enlightens the Great Evolutionary Upshift

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    🔸 The Great Upshift – the Book

    Book: The Great Upshift

    The Book “The Great Upshift” contains a keynote Article on Intuition by Anna Bacchia.

    “The Great Upshift” is available on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble

    🔸 Anna Bacchia’s book on Intuition

    Book: ÌNIN, our Intuition which transforms and creates. Anna Bacchia

    Anna Bacchia‘s most recent book “ÌNIN – our Intuition which transforms and creates” expands and integrates her vision about the fundamental role of Intuition within the current Great Upshift.

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    Buy the book on Amazon EU or on Amazon US