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The L.I. Project develops a clear and conscious vision
on the implications and use of Artificial Intelligence, in relation to
the Living Intelligence inherent in
the sensitive dynamics and vital responses proper to the Living Realm
within the evolutionary flow which constantly regenerates the whole Web of Life.
The Life which we are.


The rapid developments of  ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI), next to its evident benefits, are creating profound impacts in the areas of work, society, health, law, economics and education, which request awareness of their implications on perceptual, ethical, humanistic, privacy-concerning, and legal aspects.

In such context, the Living Intelligence Project offers Meetings and Programs which foster an essential aware and critical vi­sion, especially for educators and young people, and for users in general, regarding the use of technology, in relation to the living creative processes and the sensitive coherent interrelations involving the whole Web of Life.

While recognizing the advantages offered by AI technologies, the Living Intelligence Project re-calls the consciousness of contemporary man to a clear and aware relationship between technology and the living realm, i.e. the natural evolutionary flow of autopoiesis of the entire Web of Life and of Human Life. A flow emerging in a self-updating network made of sensitive vital responses, coherent with the Nature of Life ….. READ the MANIFESTO


23 March 2024 16:00 CET (Rome, Paris) International Online Meeting

The Living Intelligence and our unexplored INtuitive INtelligence

25 April 2024 17:00 CET (Zurich, Rome, Paris) Webinar & Live Streaming

The Living Intelligence Project – hosted by Ubiquity University

15 June 2024 17:00 CET (Rome, Paris) International Online Meeting

The Living Intelligence and our unexplored INtuitive INtelligence

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the Living Intelligence Project


(This List is being periodically updated)

Prof. Dr. Ervin Laszlo

Systems Philosopher, Integral Theorist, Author of more than 100 books
Twice Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Founder of The Club of Budapest and of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research

Goi Peace Foundation – Tokyo Japan

Hiroo Saionji

Hiroo Saionji

President of the Goi Peace Foundation
Chairperson of ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’
Co-Initiator of ‘The Fuji Declaration’

Masami Saionji

Masami Saionji

President of ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’
Chairperson of the Goi Peace Foundation
Co-Initiator of ‘The Fuji Declaration’

Living Peace International

Living Peace International

Carlos Palma

Dr. Carlos Palma

Initiator and Director ‘Living Peace International’

World Water Community

The World Water Community

Everine van de Kraats

Dr. Everine van De Kraats

Scientist, researcher of water dynamics.
Initiator of the World Water Community

Instituto Antakarana – Sao Paulo, Brasil

Simone Ramounoulou

Simone Ramounoulou

Humanist, Organizational Consultant
International speaker and columnist
Co-founder and Executive President of the Antakarana-Willis Harman Institute

Daniela Rossi

Daniela Rossi

Board Member, former President of Unipaz, Brasil
Transpersonal Therapist
Psychologist, Astrologist

Italian Association for Evolutionary Disciplines AIDE


Massimiliano Babusci

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Coach, Counsellor, Trainer,
Founder of ParentAbility and of AIDE
Holistic Ambassador


Davide Monguzzi

Davide Monguzzi

Entrepreneur, Designer, Artist
Founder of OlisticMap, OlisticAcademy and OlisFestival

the Living Intelligence Project


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