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The Living Intelligence Project – Manifesto

Fostering a clear and aware vision on the technological developments of AI, in relation to
the sensitive-creative dynamics and vital responses inherent the Living Realm,
which constantly regenerates the whole Web of Life. The Life which we are.

● AI & LIVING REALITY   The potentialities and rapid developments of digital and information technologies, nowadays referred to as ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI), are implying profound impacts in the areas of work, society, health, law, economics and education. At the same time, such impacts request attention for their implications on perceptual, ethical, humanistic, privacy-concerning, and legal aspects of AI’s applications in the most various fields. While AI can offer significant benefits, the improper term ‘intelligence’ essentially means algorithmic power, capable of fast and complex analysis and processing of an immense amount of data and statistics. Therefore, in order to support the most appropriate use of AI, a conscious and critical vi­sion is essential, especially for educators and young people, and for users in general, regarding the principles, methods and development scenarios of technology, in relation to the intuitive-creative sensitive interrelations, inherent in the vital processes of self-generation, which engender knowledge as well as the evolution of living reality.

● THE LIVING INTELLIGENCE PROJECT, while recognizing the utilities offered by AI technologies, re-calls the consciousness of contemporary man to a clear and aware relationship between technology and the living realm, i.e. the natural evolutionary flow of autopoiesis of the entire Web of Life and of Human Life. A flow emerging in a self-updating network made of sensitive vital responses, coherent with the Nature of Life.
A flow interwoven with perfect synchronicities, which also emerges from correlations, awareness, knowledge, sentience, biological perception, insight and human response-ability; a flow that is also coherent with the modality of exploring, discovering, creating, of which the human being, both through a technological ‘I’ and through a sensitive and conscious biological ‘Self’, must be the aware responsible ‘Conductor’.

● THE EVOLUTIONARY PERSPECTIVE of the Living Intelligence Project integrates the contribution offered by the technological development with a clear vision about the Essence of Life as the ‘Dimension and Source’ of irreducible natural relationships, whose qualities are eco-systemic, biological, vital, (re)generative. This integration leads to a responsible technological development embedded within a sensitive awareness of the Nature of Life, while it responds to the necessity of recognizing the substantial distinction between objective description-definition-map (to which rational knowledge and scientific method are still confined), and the unrepeatable sensitive experience of reality-territory. An experience interwoven with our natural perception and our deep sense of Life.
In the currently prevailing substitution of territory with map, we face analyses and diagnoses which reflect a rational and logic mind frame, but which are dangerously detached from the essential and unquantifiable dynamic inputs of Life: inputs that are aesthetic, perceptive, synchronic, sources of syntony and eloquent vital coherence.
Such vision and awareness imply an existential upshift, as necessary today as ever, which allows us to recognize oneness in diversity, metaphorically expressed even in the many native languages, but which emerge from a single human language: the language of Life. Connected even to symbols and archetypes, the natural ‘language’, inherent in the life which we are, constitutes the source of an expanded and enlightening intuitive insight (ÌNIN), understanding and perceiving. In human beings, such vital ‘language’ emerges and manifests itself in the ineffable resonance of relationships, and in that natural human syntony, moving and inspiring, which brings us to co-create through actions which do not request energy from us, but which offer us energy.

● INTERVENTIONS – A RENEWED CONSCIOUSNESS about the Nature of the Life which we are. In this context, considering the relentless development of AI technologies, with the Living Intelligence Project the Consciousness Institute offers Training Programs and Interventions on the above themes, on an unexplored sensitive Intuitive Insight (ÌNIN) and understanding, as well as on a renewed awareness about the Analogic (beyond linear, dual, partitioning, causal, logic) Nature of Living Reality.
Such programs are developed on the basis of decades of Education and Training on our Research in Human Sciences and Cognitive Sciences, interconnected with contemporary Physics and Science of Complex Systems, and with the most profound sense of the sacredness of Life.

Anna Bacchia, Researcher in Human Sciences, Founder and Director of the Consciousness Institute.
Roman Calzaferri, Architect, Founding Partner of the Consciousness Institute.
– with Enrica Bacchia, Artist, Researcher.
– in collaboration with Paolo Renati, PhD in Physics of Complex Systems. 

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