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Consciousness - Self - Life


Excellence Training Program

Consciousness Self Life

The essence of life is embodied within man.
And our breathing is not ‘other’ from the breathing of life.


The human evolution has passed from an era of non-verbality to an era of verbality, which has arrived up to us, developing our linear logic thinking. And today in the current era of digitalization and artificial intelligence, where physics and theories of complexity recognize the nonlinear nature of reality, the ÌNIN EDU Programs foster the evolutive upshift from linear logic thinking → to an analogic intuitive Wisdom, which connects man to the regenrative nature of Life, and to the information which engenders Life.


In the perspective of supporting a human and vital evolutionary transformation of the global cultural network, and in the contribution to elevate the collective consciousness starting from the human being who embodies it,
the ÌNIN EDU Project promotes the expression of Consciousness, Self, Life, through the development of the immense human potential of an unexplored INtuitive INsight and INtuitive INtelligence, ÌNIN.


ÌNIN activates a profound connection among °the information which generates Life, °the sentient innate human INtuitive perceiving and comprehending, °the INtuitive self-INsight, °the collective unconscious.
If the consciousness of the person-ego expands, so the reflection of the ego – i.e. the visible reality – expands as well. And in such context, the ÌNIN experience fosters an excellent anà-logic (beyond the linear, causal logic of a partitioned reality) intuitive learning, knowing, evolutive creating, which engenders intuitive clarity, and sensitive responsibility in co-creating. And it recognizes the impact of an Education to Life as an essential evolutionary input, where global evolution is individual evolution.

Experiential Educational Training Programs

On such themes the ÌNIN EDU Project offers training and educational programs to persons and organizations, to young people, students, therapists, social operators, parents, teachers, counsellors, leaders, influencers and executives, in tailor-made pathways.
The programs engender new INtuitive INsights and perspectives on the human upshift from the current narration of a partitioned reality, towards a wide intuitive wisdom, which recognizes a systemic co‑evolving as oneness.
In such expanded consciousness, a deep sense of Life, and the innate human sentience, nourish the natural creative attitude of responding to needs, questions and unpredictabilities emerging from the complexity of our society, offering solutions coherent with the nature of Life.

Intuitive Certainty

The ÌNIN EDU Programs develop the awareness that “intuitive certainty constitutes the most fundamental form of knowledge which engenders the whole subsequent rational investigation”, as eminent scientists, artists and researchers, from Galileo to the present day, recognize [T. Torrance in: Bersanelli & Gargantini, From Galileo to Gell-Mann, Templeton Press 2009].

Where Science, Art and daily Creation meet

The ÌNIN explorations bring to experience the intuitive insights and creative modalities where Science, Art, daily Creation meet, while they allow to recognize that Health, Well-being and Peace are not logic goals to reach outside of us, but they are modalities and qualities innate in human beings, inherent in the Life which we are.

A new Intuitive Grammar – an innate taking care

In the convergence of recent innovations in physics and human sciences, with the wisdom traditions on Earth, the nature of all that exists is consciousness, which expresses itself as frequencies or ‘waves’ in the field or ‘symphony’ or ‘ocean’ of vital information in which we are immersed and of which we are made. On many levels man naturally receives such vital information, and is regenerated and oriented by it. In the ÌNIN processes, man develops the ability to consciously grasp such emerging information. And informed by it, he can give form to discoveries, creations, projects and daily answers, while he expresses a new analogical intuitive grammar and generative taking care, oriented towards an enlightening vital coherence, co‑participation and essential consonance in co-creating and co-evolving.

Coherent Answers in unpredictable contexts – Actions that offer us Energy

Through the above processes, the ÌNIN experiences bring us to create answers and solutions that are coherent with the emerging questions and unpredictabilities, through actions that do not ask us for energy, but offer us energy.

Where Know-How and Goals are Consequences

Through such processes of learning and intuitive awareness, participants are led to grasp and to be oriented by the phenomenological eloquence, by the information expressed by complexity, and by clear intuitive insights, which set off and engender an effective operating and concrete co-creating from which know-how and goals emerge as natural consequences.

The profound human Sense of Life – an unexplored Self-Insight

The ÌNIN program draws on the innate human vital sense, and on the sensitive perception of the meanings (semantics) of the vital dynamics, as inputs of creativity and discovery, as well as sources of psychophysical rebalance and well-being.
And it engenders in participants an unexplored intuitive self-insight, both as a process of evolutionary integrity and congruence within complexity, and as an input for a new narration towards a culture of syntony centered on man, where global evolution is individual evolution.

A New Education for the Future Generations

In such experiential and cognitive processes, the participants develop an enlightened intuitive designing, understanding and diagnostics, towards a shared vital cultural evolution. Even in the perspective of a new education for the future generations.

Human natural Responsibility

The path orients participants to rediscover the deepest human sense of innate natural responsibility, which expresses generative clarity, essentiality and full awareness of the impact of one’s thinking and actions in the global ecology. In such context man recognizes that evolution does not pertain only to humanity, but it belongs to the whole Web of Life.
So, ethical co-creation, shared well-being, sustainability, peace, can be achieved as consequences of an aware human taking care, from which they can emerge as an essential direct outcome.

Analogic Insights and Skills

The development of intuitive-creative anà-logic insights and skills induces openness and generates quality, flexibility and agility in exploring, designing, rethinking logic models and paradigms, making possible.
And they foster cultural contexts of consonance, interconnection and unity in diversity.

Professional Training and Lifelong Learning

The ÌNIN EDU Project offers to persons and organizations experiential programs of professional training and of lifelong learning. Various ETP “Educational Training Programs”, explore and experience the ÌNIN topics through workshops, weekly retreats, one-to-one training sessions, online classes and meetings.


The ÌNIN EDU programs stem from forty years of research in human sciences and cognitive sciences, on the nature of the intuitive, creative and evolutive process, developed by Anna Bacchia, in syntony with the vision of the great cultural traditions of the Earth, and with the forefront of contemporary physics and theories of complexity.

Consciousness Institute, ‘Vocal Sound’ Association & International Partners

The ÌNIN EDU Project, and its Programs Consciousness Self Life and LIFE Leaders .international®,  are created and organized by ‘Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute’, Lugano Switzerland, are supported by the non-profit Cultural Association Vocal Sound – Bacchia Studio, and are developed within an intercultural network involving more than 75 countries worldwide, in collaboration with international partners and cultural institutions.