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ÌNIN EDU – Consciousness Self Life

Life Leaders .international® Project

A true science of awareness would have to be a new type of science,
whose data would be patterns of experience that cannot be quantified or analyzed

Fritjof Capra, “The hidden connections

Life Leaders .international® Project

Education as foundation of Self-Insight, of Culture, of Society

Grounded on the Project ÌNIN EDU – Consciousness Self Life, the Life Leaders .international® Project is based on recognizing that Education is the principal  foundation of society, of human culture, and of the awareness of the life we are,
where Peace, Wellbeing and Vital Solutions are not goals to be achieved outside of ourselves, but they are the true richness that cannot be stolen nor taken away. Because Peace, Wellbeing, Life Perspectives are innate, deeply inscribed within us.
And they come into existence through our new vital responses to the emerging needs, when we recognize them and express them as our innate human attitude.

The Life Leader as aware Conductor, in the service of Life

Beyond an official ‘social role of Leader’, such as managers or CEO, politicians or teachers, parents or counsellors, this Project recognizes the Life Leader as a responsible conductor. Visionary and coherent with his self-insight as a living being, and with the intrinsic re-generative nature of life, the Life Leader is a human in the service of Life, of priorities emerging from relationships and from the whole living ecosystem, from which man is not separated, is not ‘other’.

Consciousness Self Life

Intrinsically sustainable Projects

The Life Leader does not represent new pragmatic models, but operates in coherence with the most advanced innovations in complexity theories, frontier physics and human sciences, with the great wisdom traditions of the earth, and with an unexplored INtuitive INsight ÌNIN which – in a metaphor – engenders the attitudes of a skilled surfer in responding to unpredictabilities and challenges, in grasping inputs and opportunities, while creating ready solutions coherent with the needs emerging from the daily navigation.
Life Leaders give form to works, projects and choices that are intrinsically sustainable: they overcome the paradigms, logic and models of thinking that have led us to the current chronicles and events of today.

Goals as consequence of Self-Insight, Integrity and Transformation

And in syntony with an evolutionary Upschift of expanding human consciousness and awareness, the Life Leaders’ presence and abilities do not express the achievement of goals which are defined ‘a priori’, but they induce and initiate the achievement of new goals and outcomes as a consequence of self insight, integrity, and change: of new modes of thinking, perceiving, intuiting, interrelating, doing and evolving as living systems, in the complexity of the whole web of Life.
Where Life is in itself natural richness, development, prosperity, growth, fertile evolution in its constantly innovative flow.

Workshops and Educational Trainings

On these grounds, Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute – Lugano Switzerland, offers Workshops and Educational Trainings ‘Life Leaders .international® to organisations, educational institutions and companies. The Programs are aimed at Professionals or Students of any field of study. The Life Leaders Project is also an integral part of the Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute’s ‘ÌNIN EDU Life Long Learning’ Training Programs.

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