ÌNIN INtuitive INtelligence EDU Programs - excelling in your being intuitive, in your insight in your inventing The ÌNIN Holographic Evolving Program : - for new professional figures, integrating the scholastic and academic education - with a multilevel intuitive attitude towards a new imagining, designing, evolving The main aim of ÌNIN Holographic Evolving: - is to develop the holographic self insight - moulding a new thinking, a new language, a new interplay, new multilevel creative resources in time without time - to create while receiving Energy --- The ÌNIN Holographic Evolving Quantum Leap of the mind: - a leap towards a limitless source of Energy, ready to emerge from our unexplored innate intuitive potentials the innate attitude towards the Possible - the sustainable Lightness of Being --- The ÌNIN Holographic Evolving outcome: new Professionals - responsible prepared intuitive - bringing a new holographic thinking, conceiving, envisioning - open to expand, ready for a new understanding, a new responding, leading, designing The ÌNIN Holographic Evolving outcome: for new Men and Women - wondering, visionary, enlightened by intuition - responsible for a new creative interrelation, a new way of comunicating, a new holographic evolving IHE - the ÌNIN Projects already have involved more than 3.527.000 persons from 60 Countries ÌNIN Holographic Evolving - the beginning of a New Narration: the Holographic Era

Anna Bacchia ÌNIN Projects - Network & Mission

ININ Network World Map

NETWORK: Promoted by the Center for ÌNIN Holographic Evolving [IHE] in Lugano, Switzerland, the ÌNIN Projects today are interconnected in a network reaching 64 Countries.
MISSION: The ÌNIN Projects and the ÌNIN EDU Programs promote a significant evolution of thinking and the collective capability to generate shared values, through the development of an unexplored INtuitive INtelligence, INtuitive INsight and INtuitive Learning. They give rise to excellent creative competences and generative interrelations, they activate solutions and answers coherent with the emerging questions, they engender actions which do not request energy, but which offer us energy.

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“ÌNIN is a leap which allows us “to experience directly this connection, this Holos, this deeper reality in which we are all inserted.” “...a crucial evolutionary step, a vast and fascinating prospect.”
Ervin Laszlo

“The ÌNIN path is a new access to Cognitive processes…”       “... a unique transdisciplinary exploration ... – a vision consistent with the systemic conception of life ...”
Fritjof Capra
What is ÌNIN ? - Origin & Outcome

In the culture of complexity, where all interrelations are interconnected, today emerges:
all that exists is informed by a consciousness manifest in everything, in everybody.
Our breathing is not ‘other’ from the breathing of Life.
The heart’s rhythm is Intelligence of Life. Life’s ‘symphony of information’ is generating it.
From a calm ocean waves emerge. From silence the notes are born. Logic rests:
intuitions appear, waves of coherence arise. New creations.

• How come that the wheel or the computer were not existing, and then they have arrived?
• How does an ingenious idea arise in us, an excellent project which doesn’t exist yet?
• How does ‘what is not there’ come to light and suddenly becomes ‘what is there’?
• How can we find coherent answers to the emerging vital, daily, ecological questions and needs?

Such questions were answered by the INtelligence of life itself, and by its symphony of information in which we are immersed and of which we are made. The INtelligence which informs evolution, and engenders the breathing of the world, which is not ‘other’ from our breathing.
Such INtelligence constantly orients an ingenious human Eye and vision: an unexplored INtuitive INtelligence, INtuitive INsight, which is
- nonlocal (where the here-now is expanded beyond spacetime)
- and anà-logical (beyond logical thinking).
Where the INtelligence of Life and the human INtuitive INtelligence have appeared in syntony, in tune: as one single wave; where our INtuitive INtelligence is constantly regenerated and informed by the INtelligence of Life, there, a new word has emerged: ÌNIN.
ÌN~IN, in itself a resonance: an experience ready to be explored. ÌNIN, with accent on the first Ì.

The ÌNIN processes bring into everyday personal and professional interrelations the experience • of human innate, ingenious, unexplored INtuitive qualities • of an immense unexplored potential of evolutive inputs which are coherent with the emerging needs and unpredictables. • Together with an excellent creative energy, which engenders everyday actions which do not request energy, but which offer us energy.

In the perspective of a vital and human evolutive transformation of the global cultural web, I have launched the ÌNIN Projects and the ÌNIN Educational Programs, with the mission to promote the collective capability to generate shared values within the complexity of our current reality, through the development of an unexplored INtuitive INsight and INtuitive learning.

The ÌNIN Projects bring us to experience knowledge as syntony, co-participation, coherence. A learning and competences which induce a natural response-ability intended as coherent ‘everyday leading and leadership’. A door without door starting from the re-discovery of our deepest human sense of life. Of opening, of trust.
Where ‘we have many native languages, but one single unique human language’.
Towards a new co-habiting the Earth, towards a civilization of syntony, of symphony.

Signature of Anna Bacchia

Partners of the ÌNIN Projects

The ÌNIN Projects are promoted and developed in partnership with relevant international cultural organizations, such as:
World Peace Forum Schengen Peace Foundation Leonardo - ISAST Goi Peace Foundation Club of Budapest The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research Ars Aevi Interkultur Choral Competitions International Foundation for Choral Music

Scientific Artistic Committee

The ÌNIN Projects are supported by a Scientific-Artistic Committee composed of world renowned Scientists and Artists, among which:
Ervin Laszlo, Fritjof Capra, Hiroo Saionji, Masami Saionji, Leon Lederman, Scientific Artistic Committee of the ÌNIN Projects, Mario Brunello, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Franco Ambrosetti, Enrica Bacchia, Marco Bersanelli, Rachelle Ferrell, Davide Fiscaletti, Stephen Kovacevic, Alberto Longhi, The Yellow Character of Slava's Snow Show

Scientific Artistic Committee of the ÌNIN Projects

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