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    The new Book by Anna Bacchia

    our Intuition which transforms and creates

    The r-evolutionary Upshift

    Book: ÌNIN, our Intuition which transforms and creates. Anna Bacchia

    This Book is the first of an upcoming Triptych:
    three steps of an intimate evolutionary transformation
    which opens us to the great Breath of Life

    With an unexplored INtuitive INsight and INtuitive INtelligence, ÌNIN, we can be informed by Life.
    And to the enlightening Intuitions which we receive, we can give form: the form of projects, of discoveries, of new answers or solutions, in syntony with the Life we are.

    What if we constantly follow
    the intuitive information emerging
    from the field of existence,
    and spontaneously are oriented by it?
    What if we sentiently grasp its insights and creative energy,
    in tune with the reality of every living being,
    within the natural coherence and evolution
    of the whole web of Life?

    With a regenerative and transformative leap, which integrates our current logical thinking with an analogic and intuitive vision, beyond duality and causality, the ÌNIN path brings us to become sensitive surfers in the unpredictable wind of emerging events along our daily navigation. Agile surfers who elegantly proceed on the constant wave of the Intuition that inspires us and calls us as instruments of vital creation, in a coherent great evolutionary Upshift.