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The awareness which re-creates and transforms us

    “The world ‘out there’ is but a projection of what we are within ourselves”, we read in the Veda.
    In spite of the apparent separateness of things, in the holographic reality in which we live and which we are, everything is a seamless extension of everything else, and the wholeness is the fundamental reality.
    And what we conceive as limits ‘out there’ is nothing but the measure of our thinking.
    The greatest evolutionary process begins when we become deeply aware of the nature of reality, and aware that we are co-creators of the evolutionary flow of life.

    Anna Bacchia – research  text  narration  director
    Roman Calzaferri – filmaker  executive producer
    Giovanna Fiore – organizational assistance

    music ‘Timescape’ by Sirius Music

    produced by Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute, Lugano Switzerland
    co-produced by Cultural Association ‘Vocal Sound – Bacchia Studio’

    © Anna Bacchia 2020