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United Nations Palace, Geneva

Presentation at the United Nations

    On June 14th at the United Nations in Geneva, Anna Bacchia is invited as a keynote speaker at the Event of the World Health Organization with her theme “from Logic to Wisdom”, and will start a series of Workshops of her Excellence Training Program

    In the context of the SDG Programs of the World Health Organization WHO, Anna Bacchia, founder of the Consciousness Institute in Lugano Switzerland, is invited for the second year to the United Nations in Geneva, to present her Research in Human Sciences and her Educational Programs, opening with her keynote speech the interventions of an international panel of leaders, influencers and innovators in the fields of culture, politics, diplomacy and society.
    Furthermore, the WHO’s Initiative, which will take place at the United Nations Building from June 14-24, prominently features a video created by Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute, and two big posters on the theme “Consciousness – Resonance – Humanity”.

    Starting with the June Event, Anna Bacchia is invited to conduct her Excellence Training Program ETP for a group of leaders of various international organizations.
    Such ETP supports a vital and human evolutive transformation of the global cultural network, and contributes to elevate the collective consciousness starting from the human being who embodies it.
    On the theme ‘from Logic to Wisdom’, the training promotes the expression of the immense human potential of an unexplored INtuitive INtelligence and self-INsight, ÌNIN.
    The program fosters an excellent anà-logical (beyond linear, causal logic) intuitive understanding, a wide clarity and an operative response-ability to properly relate to complex contexts, offering responses conherent with the nature of Life.

    The programs of the Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute stem from forty years of research in human sciences and cognitive sciences, on the nature of the intuitive, creative and evolutive process, developed by Anna Bacchia, in syntony with the vision of the great cultural traditions of the Earth, and with the forefront of contemporary physics and theories of complexity.

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