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    The Living Intelligence Project

    Webinar & Live Streaming

    original date – Wednesday 31 January 2024

    Path of Exploration

    The Project fosters a clear and conscious vision on the implications and use of Artificial Intelligence, in relation to the Living Intelligence inherent in the living realm and in the natural evolutionary flow of self-regeneration of Life. The Life which we are.

    The rapid developments of  ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI), next to its evident benefits, are creating profound impacts in the areas of work, society, health, law, economics and education, which request awareness for their implications on perceptual, ethical, humanistic, privacy-concerning, and legal aspects.
    In such context, the Living Intelligence Project offers Meetings and Educational Programs which foster an essential aware and critical vi­sion, especially for educators and young people, and for users in general, regarding the use of technology, in relation to the living creative processes and the sensitive coherent interrelations involving the whole Web of Life.

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    Live Streaming & Webinar

    This Event will be live streamed with free access, and there’s also the possibility to attend the donation-based Webinar in Zoom. To receive the links and to get notified, fill out the below form.

    The Event is part of the Humanity Rising Project by Ubiquity University:

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