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    The Living Intelligence and our unexplored INtuitive INtelligence

    facing the impacts of Artificial Intelligence,
    we foster a new evolutionary awareness
    on the Living Intelligence inherent in Life,
    and experience our extraordinary dialogue with it,
    within a wider perceiving & an unexplored intuitive understanding, 
    towards a Vital evolutionary Upshift on Earth

    International Online Meeting
    with Anna Bacchia and Roman Calzaferri

    Meeting Recording

    The Meeting was attended by Participants from :
    Nigeria, Malaysia, Hawaii, Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Wales, England, USA, Canada, Spain, Poland, New Zealand, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Guatemala, Denmark, India, Japan, Switzerland, South Africa, Hungary, Sweden, Malta).

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    The Journey – Highlights

    The Living Intelligence which constantly recreates us

    Facing the rapid growth and the impact of the so‑called Artificial Intelligence,
    we explore the Living Intelligence, the Intelligence inherent in Life, which engenders the sensitive dynamics and vital responses proper to the Living Realm, and which constantly regenerates the whole Web of Life, all Living Beings and us, Human Beings.

    • The INtuitive INtelligence ÌNIN

    In the complex dynamics of interactions within such vital field of existence, the human INtuitive INtelligence, ÌNIN, can resonate and grasp an unexplored  intuitive information. An evolutionary information able to inform us. While it orients us to give form to enlightening answers and solutions, which are naturally coherent with the emerging needs, questions and unpredictabilities.

    • Our evolutionary Upshift

    Such process involves new and promising ways of addressing challenges, of  uncharted wide understanding and insights, of making diagnosis.
    Where our decision-making and our projects follow innovative pathways and actions which give us Energy, while they are in Syntony :
    – with complexity and the sense of Life,
    – with the expression of our Life and our innate attitudes,
    – and with a vital human evolution on Earth.   

    What if we constantly
    follow the intuitive information
    emerging from the field of existence ?
    What if spontaneously we are oriented by it,
    in tune with the natural evolution of the whole Web of Life ?

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    Read more – the Book: ÌNIN, our Intuition which transforms and creates

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    Anna Bacchia

    Aesthete  Innovator  Researcher  Teacher  Writer

    Anna Bacchia

    Anna Bacchia is a Researcher in Human Sciences and Cognitive Sciences, and has focused on the nature of the Cognitive, Creative and Intuitive processes. For the outcomes of her Research, she is a Laureate of the Luxembourg World Peace Prize, and Life Member of the World Peace Forum. Founder and Director of the Consciousness Institute in Lugano, Switzerland, her Educational Programs have reached thousands of participants in Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia.

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