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Roman Calzaferri

Roman Calzaferri

Architect   Coevolution Consultant   Visual Sculptor   Multimedia Manager 

  • Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the ‘Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute’ in Lugano, Switzerland
  • Co-producer of the ‘Anna Bacchia ÌNIN INtuitive INsights & INtuitive INtelligence’ Intercultural Programs, spread today in more than 75 Nations
  • Executive Producer and Artistic Consultant ‘Consciousness Theatre of Being’ by Anna Bacchia
  • Deputy Director of the ‘Club of Budapest Switzerland’
  • Founder and Director of the IHE Architecture Design Office, Lugano Switzerland
  • Consultant and Individual Trainer in ‘ÌNIN INtuitive INsights & INtelligence’

Roman Calzaferri holds a Master of Arts in Architecture from the Swiss Italian University (Lugano), as well as Proficiencies in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from the University of Berne, Switzerland.
He is a Vocalist with training in Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Sweden.

His main current focus are the ‘Architectures’ of the ‘ÌNIN INtuitive INsights & INtuitive INtelligence’ Intercultural and Educational Programs between Science and Art, which since 2009 he is co-creating and managing as co-founder of the Consciousness Institute in Lugano Switzerland.

Roman Calzaferri since 2012 has co-created and co-prduced Anna Bacchia’s Project ‘ÌNIN One Earth Choir’, which is currently spread in more than 75 Nations, with more than 3.6 million participants. A ‘Choir’ made by Participants from all over the Earth which recognize and share the theme ‘we have many native languages, but one single human language, one only humanity’. An extraordinary ‘collective Work of Art’, a sustainable Symphony of Dialogue. The grandest global creative gesture among cultures.