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ÌNIN, an experience able to remould the World – Anna Bacchia @ World Unity Week 2021

    Anna Bacchia’s Intervention at the World Unity Week 2021

    Evolution always flourishes with the development of latent human qualities & attitudes, and of the consciousness that nourishes them. Today the emerging epochal evolution calls for a fundamental innovation of thought, education & coherent response-ability.

    In such context, the ÌNIN EDU Project
    ° supports a vital and humanistic cultural innovation
    ° contributes to elevate the human and collective consciousness
    ° promotes the evolution of linear logic thinking → towards the EXPERIENCE & expression of the immense human potential of an UNEXPLORED INtuitive INtelligence and self-INsight, ÌNIN.
    ÌNIN develops excellent anà-logic (beyond the dual and causal logic of a partitioned reality) intuitive learning, knowing, evolutive creating & operative response-ability: the ability to offer responses COHERENT with the emerging questions, needs & UNPREDICTABILITIES, with ACTIONS which do not request energy from us, but which OFFER US ENERGY


    • Carlos Palma, Initiator and Director of Living Peace International
    • Simone Ramounolou, Founder of the Antakarana Institute, Brasil
    • Dominicus Rohde, President of the World Peace Forum
    • Enrica Bacchia, Vocalist, Researcher, Teacher, Innovator
    • Paolo Renati, Physicist, Humanist, Innovator
    • Alessandro Pasquali, Researcher Inventor of Light Communication Technologies,
    • Everine van de Kraats, Founder of the World Water Community