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Consciousness Theatre of Being in SAN FRANCISCO

    This movie presents some highlights of the stage play by Anna Bacchia, ‘CONSCIOUSNESS THEATRE of BEING’, which Anna Bacchia has brought on stage with Enrica Bacchia in San Francisco, invited by Leonardo/ISAST, ‘International Society for the Arts Sciences and Technology’.
    Such highlights bring us to see the context where art, science and daily creation meet.
    And they present the nature of life both *as a constant flow where change and evolution orient our creative processes: just like the wind orients a windsurfer. And they present life even *as a field of infinite possibilities which we can access in the shift from ‘the linear knowing’ into ‘the consciousness of being’.

    #AnnaBacchia #Consciousness #intuition #ININ #LifeLeaders

    Anna Bacchia – Research Project Script Narration
    Enrica Bacchia – Vocalist Artist

    Roman Calzaferri – Artistic Collaboration, Executive Production
    Eric Tornaghi – Lighting Designer, Filmaker
    Giovanna Fiore – Production Assistant, Camera
    Martin Bustamante – Camera

    Special Thanks to

    • Organization: Leonardo/ISAST – International Society for the Arts Sciences and Technology
    • Location: San Francisco Art Institute, Fort Mason

    Artist’s contacts

    produced by
    Anna Bacchia
    & ‘Vocal Sound – Bacchia Studio’ Cultural Association, Lugano Switzerland

    co-produced by
    Center for ÌNIN Holographic Evolving, Lugano Switzerland
    IHE Architecture Roman Calzaferri

    Location: San Francisco © Anna Bacchia 2019