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Consciousness, Self, Life

    Today it is well known that the nature of all that exists is vacuum, is consciousness, which emerges in the space-time dimensions where we live as frequencies, as waves, as information. An ocean of frequencies, of information in which we are immersed and of which we are made.
    From such awareness of the nature of life and of human nature, emerges that today the ‘rudder’ of the current epochal evolution, for the first time, is consciously in the hands of human beings. And we cannot get confused. We cannot miss this opportunity.

    Anna Bacchia – research  text  narration  director
    Roman Calzaferri – filmaker  executive producer
    Giovanna Fiore – organizational assistance

    music ‘Crystal Peaks’ by Sirius Music, courtesy of Premium Beat

    produced by Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute, Lugano Switzerland
    co-produced by Cultural Association ‘Vocal Sound – Bacchia Studio’

    © Anna Bacchia 2020