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    International Conference
    “Consciousness and Physical Reality – A View to the Future”

    Anna Bacchia

    Consciousness as the Breathing
    of the Symphony of Life

    Saturday 13. April 2024
    Watch the Recording here below

    Anna Bacchia is invited as Speaker at the International online Conference “Consciousness and Physical Reality” –

    Here below is the theme and the abstract of her talk :
    Anna Bacchia

    Consciousness as the Breathing of the Symphony of Life


    From my Research on the nature of the creative process, of the cognitive process, and of the intuitive process, [1-4] emerges an unexplored vision on Consciousness, in syntony with the analogic nature of reality, and connected to advanced interpretations of Quantum Field Theory [5], to the Vedic wisdom, and to Zen experiences [6].
    Such synthesis focuses at the ‘crossroads’ where Art, Science as a search for truth, Aesthetics, the Symphony of Life, and the Living Intelligence, meet.
    Where the wisdom of ancient cultures encounters today the most advanced perspective of Physics and of Complexity theories, the Nature of Reality appears as Vacuum, which emerges in our local space-time dimensions as waves, frequencies  and information.
    Seen from the perspective of the material level, in a metaphor the Vacuum manifests itself as ‘an ocean’ full of excitations. When such excitations or ripples reach a certain level of density, they may oscillate in phase and become stable. Thus, from the ‘immaterial’ Vacuum can emerge the apparent ‘material’ density of matter, where the ‘objects’ appear like ‘waves’ from such ‘ocean’.
    Thus the Vacuum is the latent open potentiality and origin of oneness and multiplicity. And the local dimensions of space-time are intrinsically interwoven with the nonlocal extensions beyond space-time: everything co-belongs, while the Cosmos appears manifold.
    As Paolo Renati points out, while we recognize that “reality is, constitutively, a circular all‑istic process, of auto-feedback, therefore, self-responding, such features imply a (self)conscious dynamics.” And if with analogic we intend “a modality that implies a primacy of relationships with respect to the entities,” reality can be read as an Analogic Conscious Self-Allness. Where Consciousness is a self-relational quality of reality, and simultaneously is a fundamental and emergent property of reality [5].

    From such perspectives, if we look at Life – not as plants and rocks, and the reality which we define as surrounding us – but Life as the local and nonlocal process of existence (at any level of existence: vacuum and manifold reality), Consciousness reveals itself as the Essence of Life, as the local-nonlocal Breathing of the Symphony of Life, which constantly recreates the whole Web of Life.


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    Recording of the Conference