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Anna Bacchia at the United Nations: an expanded Consciousness of Life

    While we are increasingly confronted with messages, news, images elaborated by algorithms and automated systems, and with their more and more pressing rhythms,
    ° the innate sensitivity of every human being,
    ° our deep attitude of taking care,
    ° together with our extraordinary intuitive understanding,
    amazingly respond to our most heartfelt and intimate, most ineffable and natural needs and questions, as well as to the deepest perceiving of human beings of all time,
    and they lead us to a co-evolution that INTEGRATES functionality with our humanity, in Syntony with Life on Earth.

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    Anna Bacchia – director and text
    Roman Calzaferri – executive producer
    Eric Tornaghi – filmmaker

    produced by Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute, Lugano Switzerland
    co-produced by Cultural Association ‘Vocal Sound – Bacchia Studio’

    © Anna Bacchia 2023