Workshops ONLINE with Anna Bacchia
Consciousness Self Life

Giving Voice to a new Evolutive Consciousness

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Online TRAINING in 3 Workshops
Consciousness Self Life
Giving Voice to a new Evolutive Consciousness

with ANNA BACCHIA Luxembourg World Peace Prize Laureate

Monday 28 September, 18:00 - 19:00
Monday 12 October, 18:00 - 19:00
Monday 26 October, 18:00 - 19:00

  • Beyond new ideas, models and paradigms → towards a new unexplored intuitive experience, able to reshape the world of our interrelations, towards a new understanding and giving sensitive and coherent answers to the emerging needs and unpredictabilities
  • To grasp the emerging information, to be oriented by it, to open paths and solutions which we all are yearning for

See the page ÌNIN Master - LIFE Leaders .international

These 3 online Workshops, open to everyone, develop the extraordinary unexplored intuitive understanding that reshapes our relationships, expanding the Consciousness of the Life that we are.
The Workshops can be further explored in the ÌNIN INtuitive INtelligence Continuous Training Program with Anna Bacchia.
The pathway also foresees open individual sessions of in-depth study and personal growth.
Information and reservations: +41 79 733 91 33

How the Workshops are held
The Workshops will be held through the Zoom videoconference platform (
Both the Lecturer and the participants will be visible to everyone, connected through an interactive videoconference.
Subscribers will receive by email the information how to access to the Zoom Video Webinar.

What is Zoom and how do I use it?
Zoom is a videoconferencing platform, and you can use it with PC, MAC, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphone.
By clicking the link we will send you, you will automatically install the app that creates the access to the Online Workshop.
If you wish to test the platform before registering for the Workshop, you can download the app from

Costs and deadlines
Responsible Enrollment: This training requires participants to register and attend all three Workshops.
Each Workshop is offered this year at a fee of € 30, for a total of € 90.
Some scholarships are also available for those who apply for them. Information: +41 79 733 91 33
Registrations are open until Sunday 27 September.

Individual Sessions
The Training with Anna Bacchia also foresees the possibility of in-depth studies through Individual Sessions of personal growth.
The one-hour individual sessions are offered at a cost of € 120.
For those who today do not have a continuous working activity, the individual sessions are offered at a reduced price of € 60.
For information and reservations: telephone or whatsapp +41 79 733 91 33.

By registering / enrolling you accept the privacy policy son data processing, in line with the GDPR.
Read more - click here.

Workshop Enrollment and Payment
Enroll now with the following simple steps:
1) Write an email with name, surname, phone to:
Or send an SMS / Whatsapp message with name, surname, email to +41 79 733 91 33.
2) Pay the indicated fee by credit card or PayPal, using the buttons below. Or by bank transfer, see below.
To allow us to send you the link to the Workshop, we invite you to indicate First Name, Last Name and Email address on the payment form.
3) Responsible payment : for those who request it, the total fee can also be paid in 3 separate payments.

Pay with PayPal

€ 90
Paga ora € 90 via PayPal

Should you encounter difficulties with your payment, please contact us by email:

Payment by Bank Transfer
1) Il bonifico è effettuabile:
1) The transfer can be made: a) Preferably as a SEPA payment in Euro (= normal e-banking, if necessary, specifying "foreign SEPA payment").
b) or as a foreign transfer, but still in Euros (not in Swiss Francs), ensuring that the amount received by the recipient is not deducted of any charges (each bank has its own conditions for this), i.e. that the recipient receives the full payment.

Bank details
• OWNER: A Bacchia Consciousness Institute, 6963 Lugano Cureggia, Svizzera
• IBAN: CH57 0483 5272 5182 9200 0
• BANK: CREDIT SUISSE, 6901 Lugano, Svizzera
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2) Send the confirmation of the transfer made to :

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