° INtuitive INtelligence and INsight: an immense unexplored human & vital potential
° life’s INtelligence &
° self‑INsight          → as coherence  syntony  symphony

In the culture of complexity, where all interrelations are interconnected, today emerges:
all that exists is informed by a consciousness manifest in everything, in everybody.
Our breathing is not ‘other’ from the breathing of Life.
The heart’s rhythm is Intelligence of Life. Life’s ‘symphony of information’ is generating it.
From a calm ocean waves emerge. From silence the notes are born. Logic rests:
intuitions appear, waves of coherence arise. New creation, new evolution.

In the current era of digitalization and of artificial intelligence, within the complexity of today’s culture,, emerges the necessity of a substantial innovation of thinking, of models, of paradigms, and of the dynamics of  personal and social interrelations, with the need for a fundamental expression of human talent and of the full human creative-evolutive potential.

In the perspective of a vital and human evolutive transformation of the global cultural web, the ÌNIN EDU Project promotes the collective capability to generate shared values, through the development of an unexplored INtuitive INsight and INtuitive learning, as instruments of integrity and of evolutive generative coherence within complexity.

ÌNIN: In the context of the most advanced scientific perspectives, the ÌNIN EDU Project recognizes and develops unexplored human qualities of INtuitive INsight and INtelligence (hereafter ÌNIN), as essential expression of human talent, and excellent evolutive resource. ÌNIN recognizes that “intuitive certainty constitutes the most fundamental form of knowledge, which engenders the whole subsequent rational investigation” [T. Torrance, in Bersanelli & Gargantini, From Galileo to Gell-Mann].
The ÌNIN intuitive processes:
  • induce anà‑logical intuitive experiences and competences which integrate the logic thinking with an anà‑logic (beyond logic) understanding; and they create innovative systemic approaches in personal, professional and social interrelations.
  • draw on the profound innate human vital sense, and on the perception which sensibly orients choices and creative actions.
  • support ethical and aesthetical dynamics and comprehending within interrelations.
  • expand mind and vision, while they renew thinking and learning with the development of an essential sensibility and self‑insight, while they engender creative actions which do not request energy, but which offer energy.
A HUMANISTIC EVOLUTION - In such context, the search for and the organization of new evolutive approaches and of cultural innovation projects, can gain resources from unexplored human essential processes and qualities: intuitive, cognitive, creative, of syntony, which reveal themselves effective catalyzers of a vital global cultural evolution.
Based on the development of such processes, the ÌNIN EDU Project integrates the linear systematic mindframe with a systemic and essential vision of complexity: a vision which orients coherent interrelations and dialogues towards an advanced understanding and an enlightening co‑operating and co‑creating.

The trainees → acquire intuitive anà‑logical capabilities, which are developed in syntony with the vital intelligence and its field of information, and → they attain a natural response‑ability: the ability to be oriented and informed by the information emerging from any interrelation, while orienting and giving form to answers, discoveries, creations, designs coherent with the arising needs, questions, opportunities and unpredictables.
They are brought *to intuit the phenomenological eloquence and the information emerging from complexity, together with the meanings and signifiers of dialogues, *to grasp local, nonlocal and systemic perspectives, and to integrate them, *to catalyze processes of intuitive understanding, coherence, syntony.

Such educational path renews knowledges and skills, and engenders innovative complex responsibilities and competences, which imply essentiality, clarity, integrity, generative awareness within interrelations.
In such relational approach the opportunities of ethical co‑creation, of wellbeing, of sustainability, of peace, can be naturally generated by the intuitive anà‑logical transformation of processes of learning, of vision, of evolution of the individual and collective consciousness.

The ÌNIN EDU Project is based on forty years of Research in Human and Cognitive Sciences by Anna Bacchia, in syntony with the most recent perspectives of contemporary physics and of complexity theory.

The ÌNIN EDU Project is promoted by the ‘Vocal Sound - Bacchia Studio’ Cultural Association of public benefit, based in Lugano, Switzerland, with the aim to develop *an anà‑logic intuitive culture in the relationships among persons and within organizations, and *a relational and creative ethic nourished by vital intelligence in syntony with INtuitive INtelligence, in personal, social, ecological contexts.

The ÌNIN EDU Project offers experiential activities of exploration, research and study to individuals, groups and organizations, for the acquisition of intuitive ana‑logical competences and skills, within a process of intuitive learning and of knowledge as coherence and syntony: an innovative itinerary in which the ingenuity of science, the uniqueness of art, and daily creation converge.
The ÌNIN EDU Project proposes unexplored experiences of insight and self‑insight, of systemic and complex vision, of knowledge, where co‑creating, transforming, evolving is generated from an excellent intuitive empathic understanding, and from the experience of being re‑created, enlightened, oriented by the intuitive information emerging from the interrelations.
The development of creative anà‑logic intuitive competences, and of a daily  ‘leadership’ - (the response‑ability to be oriented and informed by the information of the vital field, and to orient and give form to answers coherent with the emerging questions, necessities and unpredictables) - induce contexts of openness, of natural coherence, in the activities of exploring, designing, rethinking limits, making possible, co‑creating.
And they favour cultural contexts of clarity, syntony, interconnection within diversity.

The ÌNIN EDU processes provide an immense unexplored collective potential of humanistic evolution. A unique coherent instrument ready to re‑generate the global cultural web.
The experience of a renewed sensibility towards life’s nature, and of a consciousness expanded by an essential self‑insight and by the innate intuitive intelligence in syntony with the vital intelligence → bring trainees to develop an intuitive aesthetic and ethic of interrelation, a creative taking care and generative evolving, a new intuitive grammar where “we have many native languages, but one single unique human language”.
For a new narration, towards a civilization of syntony, of symphony, for a new co‑habiting the Earth.

Signature of Anna Bacchia

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