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Contemplating = re-sounding the Nature of Life
Actions which do not request our energy, but which give us energy

ÌNIN Project and LIFE Leaders. Given the challenges and opportunities which involve the human society of the third millennium, the ÌNIN Project [an unexplored anà‑logic INtuitive INsight, INtelligence, INterrelation, INnovation], which I have developed with the Consciousness Institute, LIFE Leaders .international®, is dedicated to educators, parents, teachers, therapists, counsellors, practitioners, students. And to persons committed to develop an innovative contribution to the current epochal evolution, through a new evolutive consciousness, a new thinking, new interrelations catalyzed by a renewed intuitive anàlogic insight, and by an integral and responsible intuitive acting. In such processes the participants are oriented and inspired by life’s eloquence, to develop and bring daily social, political, economic, cultural answers and choices that are coherent with the emerging unpredictabilities and needs.

The focus of the ÌNIN Project is the contemplation, the resonance and the recognition of the ‘nature of life’: which is ‘perpetuating life’, which is coherence, which creates the breathing of every living being and of the world, and which generates the whole potential of evolution of the living beings, with a coherent vital impulse and an energy which are not recognizable in the pervasive negativity prevailing in the news media.

The resource evidenced by the ÌNIN Project is the infinite unexplored source of Energy of Syntony inherent in the essential nature of life, of human beings, and of any living being: a genuine cultural revolution cannot disregard the extraordinary and essential qualities of sensibility, wondering, intelligence, intuition, consonance and insight of human beings in resonance with the nature of life: that is, with a field of infinite possibilities of evolution, discovery, creation and of expansion of consciousness.

The most evolved perspectives of artificial intelligence and of big data, as well as the efforts and global programs aimed at creating sets of procedures and solutions suggested by logical-deductive data, statistics, models and paradigms, do not substantiate the unique and irreplaceable possibility to respond sensibly and coherently to the emerging human questions and needs.
Such possibility to naturally generate vital answers and outcomes:
* is the intimate quality of the field of vital information, coherent with the unexplored modalities of human intuition,
* and it is the essence of the intelligence inherent in life: that intelligence which perpetuates the breathing, the heartbeat, the existence and the evolution of living beings.
From such source of information and intelligence the human beings can be directly and consciously enlightened, informed and inspired to co-create: the field of information and the vital intelligence constitute the unique and unexplored potentiality to directly and intuitively orient the human beings towards discoveries, wider perspectives, creative actions and solutions which are vital before being useful and functional. 

The ÌNIN EDU Project develops the experience, the consciousness and the creative solutions which emerge from the unexplored dialogue between •‘information and vital intelligence’ and •‘the unexplored INtuitive INtelligence of the human being’.

ÌNIN constitutes a decisive jump and an evolutive step beyond the deductive logic of the shared meanings, and it discloses a renewed evolutionary flow, where human beings are intuitively and directly recreated by the specific modalities of life which orient us humans towards perspectives, choices, actions which perpetuate life. 

The modalities of the ÌNIN INtuitive INtelligence and INsight are essential qualities of the living beings which until now are completely unexplored. They emerge in the current evolutive era, when a new human race is emerging and can creatively evolve from the constant Dialogue of Syntony between vital phenomena and human beings: between the human INtuitive INtelligence and the phenomenological ‘eloquence’ (which transpires the vital information as well as the vital intelligence which generates coherence and perfect synchronicities). Such creative and evolutive dialogue appears when humans recognize that their nature is not ‘other’ from the nature of life itself, and that the human consciousness is not ‘other’ from the universal consciousness.  

The ÌNIN EDU Project creates Educational Training Programs which develop the sensibility and the experience of the infinite potential energy available in the conscious dialogue between the human being and the specific information and eloquence of the events along the flow of vital evolution:
we are dealing with the discovery of such dialogue, where the human being is recreated while s/he creates responses coherent with the emerging events, with solutions and actions which do not request energy, but which offer us energy. Such dialogue actualizes a flow of in‑formation which the human being receives while s/he gives coherent form to those infinite latent possibilities of discovery and creation which constitute the essential nature of evolution.

The ÌNIN Project discloses Syntony, Symphony, Supercoherence within a radical transformation of our modality of interrelation, and introduces a new way of thinking, emptied and regenerated by a new enlightened perception of life, by a revolutionary intuitive experience and by a new consciousness of interrelation and co‑creation, as substantial premises of a new ‘Essential Humanism’, of a new Civilization of Syntony~Symphony.

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