ÌNIN MASTER Specialization Program
° INtuitive INtelligence and INsight: an immense unexplored human & vital potential
° life’s INtelligence &
° self‑INsight          → as coherence  syntony  symphony

The Project   In the era of digitalization and of artificial intelligence, within the culture of complexity, the Life Leaders international - ÌNIN Master program promotes the collective capability to generate shared values, developing the unexplored human qualities of insight  and intuitive intelligence, as essential expressions of human talent, and excellent resource of innovation and evolution. In such processes, we can be (consciously) re‑generated & oriented by life’s intelligence, towards ‘integrity’ and ‘essential leadership’: intended as response‑ability to be recreated and to create answers and outcomes coherent with the emerging questions, necessities and unpredictabilities.
Specialization   The ÌNIN Master Program catalyzes processes of systemic anà-logic knowledge and understanding and of intuitive syntony, renews insight, awareness and engenders complex innovative competences, promotes a dynamical relational and generative learning, while it regenerates the processes of creating, designing, co evolving, in personal social ecological contexts: as process of ‘consciousness-&-self’ evolving

Today we know: all that exists is informed
by a consciousness manifest in
everything, in everybody.
Our breathing is not
‘other’ from the
of Life.
In an aware experience of this,
cultural contexts of clarity emerge,
as well as an excellent process of knowing,
engendered by co-participation and syntony.

ÌNIN is a leap which allows us “to experience directly this connection, this Holos, this deeper reality in which we are all inserted.” “...a crucial evolutionary step, a vast and fascinating prospect.”     Ervin Laszlo

“The ÌNIN path is a new access to Cognitive processes…”
“... a unique transdisciplinary exploration ... – a vision consistent with the systemic conception of life ...”
    Fritjof Capra

ÌNIN MASTER - Specialization Courses
KNOWLEDGE as an Aesthetic experience, as coherence, creation, syntony, symphony

The ÌNIN Master Courses lead to consciously develop the evolution of ‘consciousness‑&‑self’ within complexity, based on life’s INtelligence (inherent in life) in syntony with *the immense potential of our unexplored anà-logic INtuitive INtelligence, *self‑INsight, *systemic vision, *wondering & INtuitive sensibility
→ which develop ° answers coherent with the arising needs,
° cre‑a(c)tions and transform‑a(c)tions that (do not request energy, but) offer energy,
° as well as knowledge as syntony, within an enlightening co‑evolving.

The program is based °on unexplored intuitive ana‑logical (beyond linear logic) approaches to study & research, °on coherence with the vital ethic and aesthetic, °on syntony with collective intelligence & vital consciousness → which induce advanced creative‑evolutive processes: personal, social, environmental, systemic.


Within the ethics of complexity, ÌNIN Master develops °INtuitive sensibility, °an unexplored self‑INsight, °a relational INsight °an advanced systemic INtuitive INtelligence, where consciousness is *the fabric of reality, *the theatre of our daily experiences, *the extraordinary potential of our intuitive comprehending, re‑thinking limits, grasping new evolutive perspectives.
ÌNIN MASTER integrates the vocal sound with the self, and with the self‑insight.
It launches an analogic (beyond linear logic) language, and generates a local‑and‑nonlocal knowledge based on vital consciousness and collective intelligence.
ÌNIN MASTER cultivates the extraordinary intuitive potential of knowledge as 'syntony with the emerging information', as aesthetic experience of co‑belonging and resonance in phase, as coherence, and as a mutual innovative & co‑creative transformation, within the vital evolutive complexity.
It trains the experience of being created by the eloquence of ‘life’s intelligence’ and its emerging information, and by ‘self~conscious~ness’, while creating a coherent enlightening designing, innovating, co‑evolving, in a process of natural response‑ability.

ÌNIN Master is intended for

ÌNIN MASTER is intended for persons and institutions oriented to experience and develop an unexplored intuitive analogical approach to interrelations which emerges from the process of ‘consciousness‑&‑self’ evolving. The ÌNIN programs offer innovative cognitive instruments & creative perspectives coherent with the processes of complexity, towards an enlightening co‑creation of shared values and goods, a responsible systemic-anàlogic understanding, co‑evolving and co‑habiting the Earth

Fields of Study

  • Advanced systemic insight on ‘consciousness‑&‑self evolving’ from 21st to 22nd  century
  • The commitment for a substantial expression of intuition and human talent, as excellent innovative & evolutive resource, with the task to develop the collective capability to generate shared values, and to renew skills & competences: for answers coherent with the emerging needs
  • Life’s intelligence (inherent in life) & the unexplored self‑insight in co‑evolving
  • Innovative analogic systemic thinking and insight: an expanded perceiving, seeing, grasping. Knowledge as integrity
  • The web of vital information: from DNA to consciousness
  • The challenge of the intuitive analogical shift in learning, in understanding, in being oriented while we orient choices, diagnosis, projects beyond methods and modelling
  • Coherence & supercoherence in a sustainable co‑evolving
  • Local-nonlocal information & insight in the daily cognitive-creative processes: when understanding outpaces our ‘giving attention’
  • Defined information and arising information: A priori and a posteriori goals and outcomes.
  • Know-how a priori, and emerging know-how: the genius of ‘not-knowing’ which responds to and resolves the unforeseeable, the imponderable.
  • Art (r)‑evolution: where aesthetics, art, science & daily co‑creating meet
  • Knowledge within complexity. Being oriented, co‑belonging, coherence, co‑evolving.
  • Ananda, vocal Pure frequencies, intuitive grammar, analogical language
  • The emptiness ‘creating’ analogical creating & designing

Study Plan

ÌNIN Master - Specialization Program and Life Long Learning
The ÌNIN Master Programs are develped by means of educational itineraries which lead to a specialization in anà-logic INtuitive INsight and INtelligence, ÌNIN, developed as processes of an unexplored INnovative INtuitive INterrelation.
Such itineraries are articulated in:
- study retreats
- experiential workshops
- ‘SAT training’ on anà-logic awareness, communication and language
- individual sessions of supervision and personal growth

Study Levels
The ÌNIN Programs develop several levels of study and of competences, which are accessed by means of exams. The timing of examination is freely chosen by the student, on the basis of the attended learning modules, of theawareness acquired, of the attained skills.

A direct comprehensive ÌNIN MASTER experience: CONSCIOUSNESS THEATRE of BEING

CONSCIOUSNESS THEATRE is a stage play which presents the themes of the ÌNIN Master Courses as a unique experience, where the evolving consciousness is the fabric of reality, the theatre of our daily experiences, the extraordinary potential of our intuitive comprehending, re‑thinking limits, grasping new innovative perspectives. Being beyond roles.

Anna Bacchia
Researcher    Teacher    Writer    Aesthete    Innovator

● For her research in human sciences and her EDU Projects involving 65 Countries, today Anna Bacchia is member of the World Peace Forum. In 40 years of teaching she has trained thousands of persons of all ages, in Europe, China, United States, South America. Founder of the ‘Consciousness Institute’ in Lugano Switzerland and of the LIFE Leaders .international® educational programs, she conducts workshops and trainings for educators, parents, medical doctors, psychologists, therapists, holistic practitioners, students, and for persons directed at personal growth in the perspective of the current epochal evolution.
● As Creative Member of the International Cultural Foundation ‘The Club of Budapest’, she is among the Laureates of the Luxembourg World Peace Prize 2017.
● For her Research in Human Sciences and on the theme of ‘giving Voice’, for the ‘ÌNIN INtuitive Intelligence’ Poetics and for her Intercultural Projects involving 65 Countries, in 2014 Anna Bacchia has been nominated Creative Member of the Club of Budapest, most prestigious international Foundation for culture, science and art.
● As a ‘globally thinking leader in the cause of Peace and Human Enhancement’, Anna Bacchia has been invited by the Goi Peace Foundation, Tokyo, Japan, as Honorary Signatory of the worldwide declaration for Peace ‘The Fuji Declaration’, which since 2015 is being presented to governments worldwide.
● She is Research Fellow of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, Trieste, Lucca, Italy
● For her Researches published as proceedings of the ICSV International Conferences on Sound and Vibration in Garmish, Germany (2000), in Hong Kong, China (2001), in Orlando - Florida, USA (2002), Anna Bacchia is Member of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration IIAV, Auburn - Alabama, USA.


Center for ÌNIN Holographic Evolving
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