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Anna Bacchia is invited to the United Nations to present her Educational Cultural Project ÌNIN EDU

Anna Bacchia, Founder of the Consciousness Institute in Lugano Switzerland, is invited as keynote speaker to the United Nations in Geneva, in the context of the SDG Programs of the World Health Organization, aimed at the well-being of Humanity.

On June 15, Anna Bacchia will present her ÌNIN EDU Project, and on June 16 she will develop a Workshop that will allow participants to experience the fundamental themes of the ÌNIN Program on the unexplored human INtuitive INtelligence, which expands the linear thinking into a wide enlightening understanding.

Anna Bacchia with Flags
A new Narration
“The invitation by the WHO to present the Project at the United Nations in Geneva,” - says Anna Bacchia - “was inspired by the ÌNIN themes which I presented in the online meeting Consciousness Life & Networks, promoted by the Consciousness Institute of Lugano in collaboration with the World Peace Forum and Living Peace International. A meeting focused on a new narration towards an culture of syntony centered on man: who is a creature of life and a creator of life, of transformation, and of an evolution in tune with the deepest innate human sense of life and of intelligence of life.”

An Epochal Shift from linear thinking to an enlightened understanding
Developed from forty years of research in human sciences and from the cultural and educational programs of Anna Bacchia - teacher, writer, innovator - the ÌNIN EDU Project supports the current epochal shift by promoting an essential evolution of linear and logical thinking → towards the expression of the immense human potential of an unexplored INtuitive INtelligence and self-INsight, ÌNIN.

Clarity and Response-ability coherent with the nature of Life
The ÌNIN experience develops an excellent anà-logical (beyond linear, causal logic) intuitive wisdom, a clarity and an operative response-ability coherent with the nature of life, an expanded consciousness.

Intuitive Certainty
The Project develops eloquent evolutionary insights, and the experience that “intuitive certainty is the most fundamental form of knowledge which engenders all subsequent rational inquiry” (T. Torrance, in Bersanelli and Gargantini: From Galileo to Gell-Mann).

Actions which offer Energy
ÌNIN EDU recognizes that Science, Art and everyday creation converge, as expressions of a single process.
The ÌNIN experience generates answers and solutions coherent with the emerging questions, needs, and unpredictabilities, through actions that do not request energy from us, but offer us energy.

The ÌNIN EDU Project
From linear thinking to a wide enlightened understanding: Clarity  Openness  Evolution
An expanded consciousness

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An Intercultural Network
The ÌNIN educational programs currently involve people from 30 nations.
ÌNIN EDU proposes online and in-person itineraries, experiential group workshops, individual sessions, intensive seminars and summer schools.

The ÌNIN EDU programs are developed in partnership with a variety of international organizations, including:
- World Peace Forum
- Living Peace International
- World Water Community
- The Club of Budapest
- Leonardo/ISAST - International Society for Science, Arts and Technology
- Schengen Peace Foundation
- Goi Peace Foundation
- The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research

Humanists, Scientists, Artists, Innovators
The Consciousness Life & Networks and ÌNIN EDU Projects, are conducted in sharing, in syntony, collaboration with humanist, scientists, artists and innovators such as:
Alessandro Pasquali, brilliant inventor of an innovative communication technology through light, which helps to reduce the electromagnetic impact on living organisms.
Paolo Renati, a leading physicist, humanist, enlightened innovator of scientific paradigms. Renati combines the human perception of the environment with the physical basis of living and health.
Everine van De Kraats, scientist, researcher of water dynamics. Initiator of the highly innovative World Water Community, which inspires an enlightening vision of the most powerful element of life.
Enrica Bacchia, researcher, vocalist, innovator, author of ‘perceptive music’, where technique flows into art, and live improvisation. Where there is more music in a resounding voice, than in a written score.
Hiroo and Masami Saionji, founders of the GOI Peace Foundation, and promulgators of the Fuji Declaration, the most enlightened worldwide declaration of Peace, addressed to the world each year from solemn Mount Fuji in Japan.
Ervin Laszlo, physicist, Nobel Prize candidate, an outstanding scientist and humanist, author of books translated in 70 languages. Founder of the Club of Budapest, the most eminent European Cultural Foundation.
Fritjof Capra, systems physicist, author of one of the most extraordinary syntheses of both Western thought and Eastern culture, and on the systemic nature of life.
Carlos Palma, author of Living Peace International, a worldwide project that witnesses and supports a Peace that is ‘alive’ among people.
Dominicus Rohde, founder and driving force behind the World Peace Forum, a project which creates dialogues and initiatives among peacemakers from all around the world.

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