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5 – Being re-created, receiving Energy

    Anna Bacchia leads us to discover intuitive information as a process emerging from our interrelations. It is an experience from which we can be recreated and from which we can receive a specific energy: creative, orienting, inspiring. And while we are in-formed by such implicit information, we are brought to give it an explicit form, as instruments of the perennial process of creation.

    #AnnaBacchia #Consciousness #intuition #ININ #LifeLeaders

    Anna Bacchia – conception, research, text, narration

    filmmaker – Eric Tornaghi
    executive producer – Roman Calzaferri
    music – Borrtex: snowflake

    produced by Center for ÌNIN Holographic Evolving, Lugano Switzerland
    Cultural Association ‘Vocal Sound – Bacchia Studio’