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4 – ÌNIN, an unexplored INtuitive Experience

    In the fourth movie of the series, Anna Bacchia presents the vision of implicit intuitive information as an unexplored process which emerges as the eloquence of phenomena and of our daily interrelations. An eloquence which informs us, orients us and opens the perspectives of our understanding beyond logical thinking, towards an anà-logical (beyond logic) vision which renews our self-insight, our choices, our designing and co-creating.

    #AnnaBacchia #Consciousness #intuition #ININ #LifeLeaders

    Anna Bacchia – conception, research, text, narration

    filmmaker – Eric Tornaghi
    executive producer – Roman Calzaferri
    music – Pictures of the Floating World : Convergence, Perennial

    produced by Center for ÌNIN Holographic Evolving, Lugano Switzerland
    Cultural Association ‘Vocal Sound – Bacchia Studio’

    Location: Milano, Italy © Anna Bacchia 2019